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Top 5 maps in AQ3D

Discussion in 'Adventure Quest 3D' started by Rex, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Rex

    Rex Naval Commando Royal Ogre

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    What's your top 5 favorite maps as far as the design or just the special feeling you get when you're there?

    1-Doomwood Forest
    2-Master Vault
    3-Battleon Bank
    4-Fort Sneed
    5-Clawg Island
  2. Blasphemy

    Blasphemy Royal Ogre Royal Ogre

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    1.Fort Sneed
    3.Guardian Tower
    4. Sanctuary
    5. Doomwood Forest
  3. Snowy

    Snowy Royal Ogre Royal Ogre
    1. AdventureQuest 3D Heroes

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    My top 5 maps and reason of choice are:

    1. Frostval Battleon (/join battleonfrost) - There's snow, and it's an excellent place to take screenshots because the snow doesn't blend with the character's items in most cases. The downside to this area is that it's seasonal, meaning the player cannot visit this area all-year-long.

    2. Normal Battleon (/join battleon_normal) - It was the perfect hangout spot where high leveled players could meet up at Battleon without new players interfering, and it was less rowdy than Hall of Awesome. The downside to this area is that this place is permanently rare, which is really unfortunate.

    3. Hall of Awesome (/join 100) - It was a map where 100 players could meet up all at once, and the developers spawned in monsters for fun. The downside to this area is that this place occurs during convention events, and the place tends to have a lot of spam and rowdiness.

    4. Tyr's Arena (/join gt_fightbattle) or Battleon Bank Attack (/join bankattack) - They are the best places to take screenshots because the player cap is 1 player, which means other players cannot bother you. The downside to these areas are that Tyr's Arena is Guardian-exclusive, and Battleon Bank Attack has very few spots with excellent lighting.

    5. Sanctuary (/join sanctuary) - It is the perfect hangout spot for any occasion because it's easier to spot players whereas it's much harder to spot players in Battleon because Yulgar's Inn is obstructing the view of the entire map, and high leveled players are more likely to go to the Sanctuary to hang out. The downside to this area is that it isn't exclusive to Kickstarter players only, which I think would have made this area even more amazing, and possibly reaching #1 on my list.
  4. herokae

    herokae Active Member Ogre Regular

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    1-Ashfall (Dragonslayer Camp): the very first huge map that we got, with many little secrets and areas that require precise jumps, so far the best area in the game for me.
    2-Greenguard Forest: after the update this map become so fun, even being small there is a lot of things to do there
    3-Screaming Woods: this is my favorite dungeon, even if the rewards are a bit unappealing i like the balance of fighting and puzzles in that dungeon
    4-Mine pass / Rock Edge Mine: the only maps that we use bombs to fight bosses and complete quests, which is cool and i hope they expand that idea
    5-the ice themed random dungeon: really stands out due the unique style
  5. ZIFAna

    ZIFAna Active Member Ogre Regular

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    1.Greenguard Forest: Because it has beautiful scenery.
    2.Bank Master Vault: I like it because a lot of shiny gold there.
    3. Random Frost Dung: The snow there is very nice with the wind.
    4.Sanctuary: Although quiet but good for taking pictures.
    5.Ashfall: Ashfall has a hot atmosphere and that's great.

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